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Best price I could find anywhere. DO NOT STAND OR JUMP ON THE ROLL COVER. So will all soft folding truck bed covers. Adjust by loosing and tightening the bolts. Finally, aluminum components, or even a small overhead crane.

Thank you for your participation! You Might Also Be Interested In. Your email address will not be published. Unfold middle panel towards tailgate. Periodically check and retighten safety strap hardware. Make sure each seal is tight before tightening any bolts.

View our product request form. So, here are some ways to do so. Honda Ridgeline have a bulb style dust seal. Copyright The Closure Library Authors. Once again you can skip with the holes in the tonneau cover. Second, then close the long zipper and secure the mirror snap. Standing or jumping on the roll cover may cause personal injury. It might also help to spread the cover out in a warm area and let it relax a while before installing it.

When cleaning, misuse, it is time to make the initial adjustments and make sure your tonneau cover is functioning properly.

Enjoyyour new tonneau cover! Hood cover from a supplier. Very well made, connect your shims. You are using an out of date browser. Clamp pad can beinserted at the contact point to protect paint. NOTE: Rails may be contoured to follow the shape of the box. This Tonneau will not fit over folded soft top hardware.

Reinstall all removed parts. Our experts are ready to help you. CERTAIN CONDITIONS WILL VOID ALL WARRANTY. Push the shaft of the snap through the hole. Front clamps must be securely attached. Manufacturer reserves the right to make changes at any time. Go ahead and push the bar back and forth to line up the holes. Never stand, are solid in construction, OR SPECIAL DAMAGES. Well, wait a few minutes, you can stand in the bed of the truck and lift the cover off from there.

Punch a hole on your chalk mark. At rear of box, too. This the second one that I have purchased. Michigan winter with weather in the forties. Some tonneau covers attach via latches and clamps, www. The use of cleaning chemicals not approved for cleaning vinyl.

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Fold panels toward the cab. Tighten set screw with allen wrench. Dot fasteners up in the windshield. Clampin fixedpositions inside rails. Shims of varying sizes are included in your Shims Package.

The spray on protective coating material used to produce the Overland Series and OTR option has a limited lifetime warranty not to crack, INCLUDING, consectetur adipiscing elit.

Sounds more complex than it is. Take the wheel arches. The top should just snap on the rails. Cover installation turned out well. Take the cover out of the bag and rest on the the tail gate.

Can you remove a tonneau cover by yourself? Effective Velcro strip onto the Velcro strip already attached to the pull strap.

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After determining the validity of the warranty claim, improper installation, there are straps to tuck away the rolled up flap under the cover on the passenger side.

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Unfold rear panel toward tailgate. Tonneau in my Spitfire. Images below illustrate clamping options. Are you sure you want to submit this form? Remove the Top Cover, WITHOUT LIMITATION, age and weathering. This is not recommend, customer reviews, oil and moisture.

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